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Nationwide Pay Raise Watch: Has Ropes & Gray Matched?

Ropes Gray LLP Above the Law blog.jpgThat’s what we’re hearing in the comments. And by email, too:

Ropes in Boston has bumped to $160K for 1st years, $170K for 2nd years, $185 for 3rd years, etc.

Don’t know more, because they’ve told people not to send out the memo, but I suspect you can find out the rest :-)

According to this comment, the alleged Ropes raise also extends to the firm’s non-New York offices: Palo Alto, San Francisco, and Washington, DC.
Now, we don’t consider this confirmed. All we have our some anonymous comments, and an email from a source who isn’t at Ropes. We also don’ t have a memo.
If you have a copy of the alleged memo, please feel free to post it in the comments. That wouldn’t qualify as “send[ing] out” the memo, would it?
Update: The Ropes & Gray pay raise memo, which someone posted in the comments, has been authenticated for us by a source at the firm. So treat this news as confirmed.

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