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Summer Associate of the Day: Victoria Bechtold Kush

Victoria Kush Victoria Bechtold Kush Miss Pennsylvania Above the Law blog.jpgLike ATL’s most recent Summer Associate of the Day, our latest honoree is also a hottie. And that’s not a matter of opinion; it’s a certified fact.
On the heels of yesterday’s Miss Connecticut International turned litigatrix, we learn of another beauty pageant winner who has turned in her tiara for a stack of BNA looseleafs. From a tipster:

This summer, the Miami office of Shook, Hardy, & Bacon is graced by the presence of a former Miss Pennsylvania, Victoria Bechtold Kush. She is currently a law student at Florida International University School of Law.

Check out her website. Needless to say, she is a bit of a distraction!

Very impressive. And Victoria Kush isn’t just beautiful; she’s also brainy. From her bio:

Victoria pursued her undergraduate degree at Duquesne University, in Pittsburgh, PA, where she obtained a B.S. degree in Business – Information Technology. As a member of the Honors College, she graduated as Valedictorian after completing her degree in 3 years while maintaining a cumulative 4.0 GPA.

WOW. So we’ll ask what you’re all thinking, but are too polite to say out loud: What the heck is she doing at FIU Law?
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Finishing college in three years, with a perfect GPA? Kush’s academic credentials are impeccable. And top law schools welcome beauty queens with open arms. For example, Erika Harold, Miss America 2003 (and Miss Illinois 2002 before that), went to Harvard Law School.
Now, we intend no disrespect to FIU, which is a fine law school. As noted here, “in the February 2007 Bar, FIU Law ranked the highest with a 94% passing rate, beating the top universities in the state, including the University of Florida, Florida State University, and the University of Miami.”
But we do find Kush’s choice a little surprising. FIU is a brand-spanking-new law school, which didn’t receive full ABA accreditation until December 2006. Shouldn’t a beauty queen be more beholden to prestige?
Victoria Bechtold Kush [official website]
Erika Harold [Wikipedia]
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