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Worst Graduation Gifts: Submissions, Please

snow globe snowglobe snoglobe sno globe Abovethelaw Above the Law.JPGMay and June are the peak months for law school graduations. And you know what that means: dreadful graduation gifts.
So we’ve decided to embark upon a quest to find America’s most egregious graduation gift. If you have a nominee, please send it to us by email (subject line: “Worst Graduation Gift”). Please include a photograph of the gift if possible.
Pictured at right, the current frontrunner: a New York City snow globe, given to a recent Columbia Law School grad, by his out-of-town aunt (who was very proud of her find). Our tipster wondered: “I LIVE in New York. What do I want with an NYC snowglobe?”
P.S. We assume that the two tallest buildings in the snow globe are supposed to be the Twin Towers. If so, they’re not a very good likeness. They look more like 125 Broad Street — the not-so-happy home of Sullivan & Cromwell.

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