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A Promising New Practice Area: Mosh Pit Litigation?

Following up on yesterday’s post about law firm advertising campaigns, here’s another interesting ad:
Mosh Pit Litigation Goldberg Weisman Cairo Abovethelaw Above the Law blog.jpg
Commentary after the jump.

The Chicago reader who brought this to our attention notes:

I heard them advertise this on q101 – Chicago’s big alternative rock radio station – yesterday. I know it’s personal injury, which is not exactly your bread and butter, but Goldberg Weisman Cairo is supposedly one of the big PI firms in the city, and this is just…goofy.

I can’t decide if this is better or worse than a glossy YP back cover. Either way, I wonder what poor clerk had to sift through jury verdicts to compile the list.

Of the laundry list of “crazy stories” about rock concert injuries, these were our two favorites:

* March 13, 2002 A fan who slipped in a puddle of urine and water at Soldier Field in Chicago while going for a bathroom break during a U2 concert broke and disfigured his leg, forcing doctors to move his calf muscle just over his knee.

* June 29, 1998 A 17-year-old girl attended a rock concert where promotional compact discs were being thrown into the audience as prizes. She suffered an extensive corneoscleral laceration with vitreous hemorrhage and retinal detachment when a compact disc struck her in the eye. An alternative, safer method must be used for distributing compact discs as prizes.

Indeed. What will have to happen before this crisis is addressed? A lawsuit from Judge Bork?
The Pit Is Dangerous! If you’re broken, let GWC fix it. []

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