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Nationwide Pay Raise Watch: The Upper Midwest

upper midwest mid west Abovethelaw Above the Law blog.jpgWe welcome your suggestions of legal markets to cover in our grand tour of these here United States. We won’t necessarily adopt them (and we can’t cover every single market in the entire country). But we do appreciate your recommendations, which we often follow.
A recent commenter had this idea:

How ’bout the upper midwest in one shot (Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Detroit and maybe Cleveland)?

We previously covered Cleveland as part of our Ohio post. But we are happy to devote today’s post to the Upper Midwest.
How does one define the Upper Midwest? Apparently there’s some disagreement. Per Wikipedia:

The Upper Midwest is a region of the United States with no universally agreed-upon boundary, but it almost always lies within the US Census Bureau’s definition of the Midwest and includes the states of Minnesota and Wisconsin, as well as at least the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

The Upper Midwest often includes the rest of Michigan, Iowa, Indiana, Illinois, and sometimes extends further southwest to include Missouri, east to Ohio, and sometimes west to North Dakota and South Dakota, and the parts of Montana east of the Rockies.

We’ll adopt the definition that includes Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Iowa, Indiana, and Illinois. This includes the cities of Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Detroit, and Indianapolis (but not Chicago, which we cover extensively as part of our national coverage).
With this definition in mind, please discuss associate compensation at Upper Midwest law firms in the comments. Thanks.
Upper Midwest [Wikipedia]
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