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Waiting for the iPhone: An iWitness Account

iPhone small Apple iPhone Blackberry Crackberry Abovethelaw Above the Law blog.jpgOkay, this is kinda random. But it’s Friday, so please give us some latitude.
(Also, we have previously covered this subject, in a way that connected it to the legal world. So there.)
As you all know, today is I-Day: the first day that Apple’s coveted iPhone will be available for sale to the general public. At 6 PM, Apple and AT&T stores will open their doors, and the masses will flood in. Long lines have already formed in different cities around the country.
We were just IM’ing with one ATL reader standing outside an AT&T store waiting for his iPhone. If you’re curious, you can read portions of our exchange after the jump.

tipster: Only 1 hour 17 min left
tipster: Number 11 in line :-)
ATL: oh wow, impressive!
ATL: how early did you have to get there?
tipster: Been here since 8AM
ATL: oh wow
tipster: 8AM
ATL: when do they open?
tipster: Got some bar studying done
ATL: that’s good
tipster: 6PM
tipster: Have been telling everyone we’re in line for American Idol
ATL: ha
tipster: about 80% believe us
ATL: what about food, bathroom breaks, etc.?
tipster: We’re just hitting up Starbucks, B&N, etc
ATL: what store are you at
tipster: ATT store
tipster: The Apple store line is supposedly < 1500 people now ATL: wow, insane
ATL: any estimate on how many people are in your line
tipster: Like 70 are in my line
tipster: Not sure how many they’re getting
ATL: wow
ATL: well if you’re #11
tipster: And I think many people just don’t know they are for sale at ATT
tipster: I’m pretty sure I’ll be fine
ATL: are you currently an AT&T customer?
tipster: I think there’ll be enough for everyone
tipster: No, TMobile but hate them
tipster: Will be VERY glad to get ride of it
ATL: do you have pay a penalty to switch?
tipster: No, I’ve been out of K for years
ATL: oh okay
tipster: Ok, conserving battery power, and back to reading NY Practice
tipster signed off at 4:55:49 PM.
Apple’s iPhone to Hit Stores, Hundreds Line Up [New York Times]
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