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Don’t Sue Facebook, We Like It

Facebook logo MySpace Friendster Abovethelaw Above the Law blog.jpgAre you addicted to Facebook? You’re not alone.
Hopefully the site’s legal troubles will not interfere with its continuing viability. Facebook withdrawal could be almost as severe as Blackberry withdrawal (which loomed until the RIM litigation was settled).
If you’re an ATL reader and Facebook user, check out a top ten list of recommended Facebook groups, after the jump.

Here are ten Facebook groups that we recommend to ATL readers:
1. Above the Law
2. Judicial Divas Are Delicious
3. The Bluebook Fan Club
4. We Love Dahlia Lithwick
5. Everyone Loves A Supreme Court Justice
6. The Janice Rogers Brown Appreciation Society
7. Chief Justice John Roberts is a freakin’ rockstar!
8. Monica Goodling Fan Club
9. Lonely Lawyers on Facebook
10. Bar Exam Lolcats
A Brief History of Mark Zuckerberg’s Legal Woes [Valleywag]

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