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Fail the Bar, Blame the Gays, Sue for Millions!

Mass Bar logo.gifMemo to all the recent law school grads studying for the bar exam: July Fourth means it’s crunch time. If you need extra motivation, just think how excruciating it would be to fail. Especially by only 1.134 points!
That’s what happened to Stephen Dunne, who narrowly failed the Massachusetts bar exam and is now suing the Board of Bar Examiners, claiming that one of the questions he missed violated his First Amendment rights because it required him to accept gay marriage. He’s also asking for a cool $9,750,000.
Lavi Soloway has the scoop:

Dunne claims his score of 268.866 on the November 2006 bar exam just missed the passing score of 270 points because he didn’t follow the proscribed format for an unlawful question about gay marriage. Dunne said the question required applicants to “affirmatively accept, support and promote homosexual marriage and homosexual parenting.” Dunne claims the defendants violated his First Amendment right to exercise his religion and violated the due process and equal protection clauses of the U.S. Constitution. He also claims their actions impose illegal state regulations on interstate commerce.

We applaud Dunne’s creativity, but might we suggest that next time he just study a bit harder?
Surely you can pad your score enough that you could draw frowny faces all over the questions that violate your First Amendment rights and still pass!

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