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Brokeback Lawfirm: Noble Black

Noble Black Corcoran Vice President Above the Law Abovethelaw blog.jpgAfter we wrote about Aaron Charney flipping his condo for a tidy profit, a reader emailed us:

Do some research on Noble Black, Charney’s agent at Corcoran. I remember reading an article several years ago where he left a New York Biglaw firm to go into residential real estate because the money just wasn’t good enough.

I wonder what the connection was to Charney that Charney hired him. Maybe Noble and Aaron dated?

Reader, please keep your fantasies in check. Noble Black may be ridiculously good-looking, and he and Aaron would make a cute couple — but we have no idea about Noble’s sexual orientation. Just because he enjoys “gallery openings,” as noted in his Corcoran bio, doesn’t make him gay.
But this reader was correct about the article. We unearthed the February 2005 New York Times piece, entitled Six Figures? Not Enough! Those of you feeling poor on $160,000 a year may be able to identify with the plight of Noble Black, as well as the others quoted in the article.
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Aaron Charney’s real estate agent, Noble Black, is featured prominently in this NYT piece:

Noble Black, 29, hardly considers himself living it up. He earned his law degree from the University of Virginia a few years ago, moved to New York and took a job in securities law in the Manhattan office of the firm McKee Nelson. His starting salary, he said, was $135,000.

“You think you’re going to be making all this money, but it all goes so quickly,” said Mr. Black, who left after a few years to work as a consultant to the television show “The Apprentice” (and is now an associate real estate broker for the Corcoran Group in New York).

Mr. Black didn’t find much sympathy from his family back in Mississippi, where $100,000 is still a country club income. “You go home and tell them how much you’re making, and they think you’re doing so well, but then you tell them about the rent,” he said, recalling the $4,650 monthly rent for the apartment he shared with a friend in Symphony House, near Columbus Circle.

It was only when his annual compensation began to approach the new affluence threshold that he began to feel he was building real equity. “A couple of years making close to $200,000 puts you into that good place,” Mr. Black said.

It seems that the hunky Noble Black has done very well for himself. According to his Corcoran Group bio, he “earned the most rapid promotion to Vice President in the company’s history, and “is now an established member of the prestigious multi-million dollar club.”
In other Charney news, Sullivan & Cromwell has filed reply papers, responding to Charney’s opposition to its June 13 partial motion to dismiss. But as noted over at Keeping Up With Jonas, it appears that the papers are not publicly available. Interesting…
Six Figures? Not Enough! [New York Times]
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