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Clerkship Notification Blog: Check It Out

law clerk judicial clerkship Abovethelaw Above the Law blog.jpgIn addition to fall recruiting season for law firms, clerkship application season is almost upon us. The “season” officially starts in September, when current law students are allowed to submit their applications for federal judicial clerkships.
But, as reported by the WSJ Law Blog, a fair number of judges are cheating moving faster than the official timetable. In addition, the timing rules don’t apply to law school graduates. So judges are free to interview, for example, recent law school grads now at law firms.
If you’re in the hunt for a judicial clerkship, whether state or federal, here’s a great website that you should be aware of. From a tipster:

The new Clerkship Notification Blog is finally up and running. Please advertise this amazing resource to your readers and encourage them to quickly begin posting there. Some judges have already started interviewing grads…

Please take a look — and contribute to the pool of information, by commenting early and often.
To all clerkship applicants: Good luck!
The Clerkship Notification Blog (2007-08 Season) [official website]
Judges Behaving Badly: The Clerkship Edition [WSJ Law Blog]

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