laptop pink girl woman Abovethelaw Above the Law blog.jpgSo whatever happened to people caught up in the recent, ill-fated administration of the New York bar exam? One test taker wrote us:

“I imagine you’re getting a slew of forwards on these cold-comfort NYBOLE [New York Board of Law Examiners] emails, but just the same, here you go. I didn’t have laptop problems myself (knock on wood), but for those applicants who claimed to have their essay answers swapped or overwritten, this might just be salt in the wound.”

And the message:

From: New York Bar Exam Administration
Date: 23 Aug 2007 13:05:43 -0400
Subject: Your July 2007 Bar Exam Essays have all been received.
To: [redacted]

BOLE ID:B1000xxxx

This will confirm that we are in receipt of all of your printed (and/or handwritten) answers to essay questions 1 through 5 and the MPT


New York State Board of Law Examiners

But apparently some exam takers weren’t so lucky. From a second source:

Any updates on Laptopgate? A friend of mine that took the NY bar at the Javitz got an email yesterday saying that additional information is needed from their computer. That doesn’t sound promising.

We haven’t seen one of these “more information please” emails. Have you? If so, we’d be grateful if you could send it to us by email. If we get one, we’ll post it here. Thanks.
Update: The text of the cryptic email appears after the jump.
Earlier: Prior ATL coverage of bar exams (scroll down)

Within the past few days you should have received an email message from
Software Secure, Inc. requesting you to upload the Exam Archive/Backup Files
from your laptop computer. While we are able to confirm at this time that we
have all 6 of your essays we urge you to promptly send the Archive Files to
Software Secure so that we may confirm that all of your essay responses are
Please note that the Archive/Backup files are different than the Exam
Response File that you may have uploaded to Software Secure in the days
following the administration of the July 2007 bar examination. If you have
already transferred the Archive Files to Software Secure in response to its
recent email, you may ignore this message. However, if you have not yet
responded to Software Secure’s request for the Archive Files, or if you did
not receive the email from Software Secure, we urge you to take immediate
action to transfer the archive files by following the directions contained
in the attachment to this message.
NYS Board of Law Examiners

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