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A Colbert Report for Legal Geeks

Jeffrey Toobin Colbert Report Jeff Toobin Stephen Colbert Above the Law blog.jpgLast night’s Colbert Report was a bonanza for law nerds. The featured guest was Jeffrey Toobin, who spoke about his new book, The Nine: Inside the Secret World of the Supreme Court. Toobin and Colbert had a relaxed and easy rapport, and their conversation was highly entertaining — perhaps the best CR appearance since Neal Katyal. You can check out Stephen Colbert’s interview of Jeff Toobin by clicking here.
Before turning to the SCOTUS, they discussed the most recent legal troubles of O.J. Simpson. As you may recall, Toobin was one of the lead correspondents on the original O.J. trial, as well as the author of a bestselling book about it, The Run of His Life. Toobin summarized the defense strategy in the armed robbery case against Simpson as follows: “If it’s his s***, you must acquit.”
But that’s not all! There was a special shout-out to Bingham McCutchen, during the ThreatDown.
More details, plus a video clip, after the jump.

Here’s a good summary, from a tipster:

The Bingham McCutchen ad with the bear holding the baby appeared, and Colbert mocked it with his usual bear phobia. He’s mocking an advertisement for Bingham’s consulting company, and doesn’t really mention the law firm, but I still found it hilarious.

So did we. We’d excerpt some of Colbert’s remarks here, but it’s much better to watch the video, since half of the humor is in the delivery.
Update / Correction (12:20 PM): The firm is enjoying the publicity — and Colbert was wrong, the ad is for the law firm. From Bingham spokesperson Claire Papanastasiou:

“The Colbert Report link is making its way around the firm, and we love it. It’s great and a lot of fun.”

“The ad is definitely for the law firm. You can see it on our site.”

Here’s the video clip. Bingham comes in when there’s about 1:27 left on the clock:

(hidden for your protection)

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