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An Update on the Managhan Law Firm (aka ‘My Wife Is Sleeping Around and That’s Why We’re No Longer Law Partners’)

Managhan Kortum Managhan Law Firm Above the Law blog.jpgIn case you missed this story from last week, here’s a recap. Earlier this month, a plaintiffs’ lawyer in Montana by the name of William Managhan sent out the following email, to the entire Montana Trial Lawyers Association:

From: William L. Managhan
To: Montana Trial Lawyers
Sent: Sunday, September 09, 2007 6:32 PM
Subject: [mtla_members_all] Firm Name Change

Managhan & Kortum-Managhan Law Firm will no longer be known as such. The name is returning to Managhan Law Firm as Santana Kortum-Managhan is leaving the firm. Turns out that she was having sex with Tim McKeon of Anaconda while attending MMLP hearings in Helena.

Call me silly but I no longer fill [sic] comfortable with her as my law partner or wife. Some will think this is an inappropriate announcement, but considering the small legal community in our state, I might as well preempt the roomer mill [sic]. Please address communication to William L. Managhan through Managhan Law Firm.

More discussion, including accounts of our telephone conversations with Bobbi Bonnington and Tim of Anaconda, after the jump.

We called the Managhans last week to see if they might have any comment. A staffer at the firm, Bobbi Bonnington, said she’d look into the authenticity of the email and get back to us. She never did, so we called her again yesterday. She stated that the firm had no comment (but did not deny the email’s authenticity).
Since nobody at the Managhan firm was willing to talk to us, we called Timothy McKeon — the alleged “other man.” Neither Tim nor his Anaconda seemed happy to hear from us. After we described the email to him, he said, “I’ve heard there was something. I haven’t read it. So I don’t have comment on it.”
Our speculation is that Mr. Managhan had a meltdown, sent out that insane email, but then calmed down. It appears that Santana Kortum-Managhan remains at the firm, whose website and answering machine still identify it as the “Managhan & Kortum-Managhan Law Firm” (although we note that the lawyer profiles are gone).
We’ve passed along Managhan’s email rant for your edification. Since it went out to a state-wide group of lawyers, and has been endlessly forwarded on the internet, the cat is out of the bag. We received it from multiple sources.
But we won’t be too hard on Bill Managhan. Everybody goes crazy sometimes, right?
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