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Clerkship Bonus Watch: Winston & Strawn

Winston Strawn LLP logo Above the Law blog.JPGWe heard about this first from a tipster with an offer. But it’s confirmed by the firm website of Winston & Strawn:

Winston & Strawn associates who join the firm from judicial clerkships receive a clerkship bonus. Currently, the bonus paid to U.S. Court of Appeals and District Court clerks is $50,000. U.S. Supreme Court clerks receive a clerkship bonus that is competitive with the bonuses paid by other large national firms.

There’s no longer any doubt that $50K is the going rate for clerkship bonuses. But we will keep covering the subject, even if it’s not super-exciting, to encourage the firms that have yet to match to ante up.
Are you aware of clerkship bonus news that we haven’t previously reported? If so, please email us (subject line: “Clerkship Bonus Watch”). Thanks.
Judicial Clerks at Winston: Compensation & Benefits [Winston & Strawn]

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