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Judge Ann Lokuta: My Intern Is a Tramp

prostitute intern tramp Judge Ann Lokuta Above the Law blog.jpgHow have we not heard of her before? She’s fabulous! And for reasons that will soon become obvious, a Pennsylvania state court jurist, Luzerne County Judge Ann Lokuta, is today’s Judge of the Day.
From the Citizens Voice:

A former intern of Luzerne County Judge Ann Lokuta testified tonight the jurist called her a tramp for wearing a sleeveless shirt to work.

Rebecca Sammon took the stand in Lokuta’s misconduct trial and described another incident where Lokuta yelled at her for being nice on the phone.

Awesome. And there’s more:

Prothonotory Jill Moran testified lawyers got yelled at for clicking pens or writing too loudly in Lokuta’s courtroom. Prothonotary clerk Maura Cusick said Lokuta was either a good judge or a wicked judge.

A dichotomy couldn’t be more false: a wicked judge IS a good judge. The Honorable Ann Lokuta is a delicious judicial diva.
[Ed. note: Yes, we just learned what “prothonotary” means too. See here.]
More obscure terms for judicial staff members, after the jump.

The Pennsylvania state judiciary apparently revels in weird titles for staffers:

Cusick testified she overheard a profanity-laced argument between Lokuta and Lokuta’s tipstaff Maureen Gushanas. She said Gushanas used profanity, but Lokuta only “screamed.”

“Tipstaff”? Isn’t that the person who gets a buck for turning on the bathroom faucet in a fancy restaurant?

Donna Miscavage, another employee in Luzerne County Prothonotary’s office, testified Thursday that Lokuta’s courtroom was “anxiety filled” every day. “More likely than not, she exploded,” Miscavage said. “Every single day there was some kind of tirade.”

So is this Judge Lokuta more fabulous than the legendary Judge Elizabeth Halverson? At the current time, the weight of authority (hehe) favors Judge Halverson. But stay tuned.
For more stories about the antics of Judge Lokuta — and yes, there are more — click here.
Lokuta’s former intern testifies Lokuta called her a tramp [The Citizens Voice]

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