* Ahoy, matey. Happy Talk Like A Pirate Day! [TortsProf Blog]
* My kingdom for… $14 million? Someone tries to sell Belgium on eBay. [What About Clients?]
* If he wins his lawsuit against CBS and Viacom, Dan Rather can buy five Belgiums. [Overlawyered]
* David Bernstein on Chemerinskygate, Larry Summers, and academic freeom. [Los Angeles Times via Volokh Conspiracy]
* Ann Althouse wonders: “Speaking of upstart Taser-boy Andrew Meyer, how many Americans do you think would agree to get tased if it would get them the attention it got him?” [Althouse]
* Crime & Federalism, RIP. [Crime & Federalism via Volokh Conspiracy]
* Custom Cleaners, RIP. Roy Pearson, are you happy now? [Raw Fisher; Overlawyered; WSJ Law Blog]

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