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America’s Next Top Model: A University of Miami 1L?

We just finished watching America’s Next Top Model. So it’s quite appropriate for us to pass along this modeling montage video, which is amusingly bizarre. From a tipster:

I hate to pile it on, but you have to check out this YouTube clip of a University of Miami 1L. It’s a seven-minute clip of various glamour shots, set to the soothing sounds of flamenco guitar. I think my favorite photos involve her posing with a samurai sword.

We agree; nothing beats a samurai sword paired with fishnets. But the pics of her in a midriff-baring schoolgirl outfit, replete with pigtails, are also pretty great. As is the photo of her humping a white banister, which kicks off the whole thing.
You don’t need to watch the entire video, since the shots start to repeat after a while, but stick around at least until “Hotel California.” Enjoy!
Update (12:15 AM): Sigh. If you click on the video below, you’ll see that it has been pulled. We seem to have the anti-Midas touch when it comes to law school videos: everything we link to gets yanked. See, e.g., here (Harvard) and here (Columbia).

A little bit more, after the jump.

So, whaddya think? Have you added it to your YouTube favorites yet? Here’s additional info:

These clips aren’t too far from what she wears to school every day. The 1L’s this year have dressed a little skankier more provocatively than normal this year.

It appears [that this] video was uploaded by a modeling agency…. [and] other “models” have tried to have their videos pulled, but they do not own the copyright. Hypothetically, this video could stay up all the way through hiring season after her 1L year.

To the U. Miami Law community: Thanks to your many mentions in these pages — in addition to this YouTube gem, you’ve also given us an allegedly prostitute-soliciting professor; a train wreck of a People’s Court appearance, featuring a saucy current student and an even more saucy former professor; and UM alumna Oona O’Connell, now prominently featured on a site called Girls and Guns (look under the “Girls” tab) — you’ve been granted your very own ATL category tag. Congratulations!
P.S. Even though it appears on YouTube, please do not mention the name of this young woman in the comments. We don’t want to make it easier for prospective employers to Google her than it already is. Thanks.
University of Miami 1L Modeling Montage [YouTube]

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