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Co-Non-Top-Tier Law Graduate of the Day

Ok, here’s the final non-top-tier law graduate of the day:
Name: Leon Panetta
Law School: Santa Clara University
Current Position: Co-Director of The Leon & Sylvia Panetta Institute of Public Policy, and frequent talking head
Why He’s Our Winner: Former Congressman and White House Chief of Staff to Bill Clinton
And this winner reminds us of an honorable mention, which follows the jump.
Leon Panetta bio [Wikipedia]
The Leon & Sylvia Panetta Institute for Public Policy

Name: James Carville
Law School: Louisiana State University – Baton Rouge
Current Position: Political consultant, talking head, etc.
Why He’s Only Honorable Mention: Because we already had two winners today. Also, by his own admission, Carville was a pretty terrible lawyer, and had to resort to politics to succeed. But succeed he has.
Carville is of course best known for his role in getting Bill Clinton elected as President in 1992. The most impressive thing about Carville is that he has achieved so much as a political communicator despite the fact that it’s utterly impossible to decipher a single word that he says. And he’s only a Tier 2.

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