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Judge Kozinski Goes to Washington

Alex Kozinski small Alex S Kozinski Judge Above the Law hot hottie superhottie federal judiciary.JPGWe almost forgot. Happy Halloween!!!
If you’re here in Washington, DC. and looking for a way to celebrate, here’s an event at Georgetown University Law Center that might interest you:

Halloween with Judge Kozinski!

Join us for a special debate:

“Property Rights After Kelo”

Alex Kozinski, Judge, Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals


Chip Mellor, Founder and President, Institute for Justice

Wednesday, October 31, 4:30

Room 201, Georgetown University Law Center

(We’d love to attend, to see the colorful Judge Kozinski in the (superhot) flesh. Alas, we have a scheduling conflict.)
Speaking of Georgetown Law, we’d like to issue a friendly ATL shout-out to all the great folks we met at last week’s Equal Justice Foundation live auction (and party). We had a great time.
A few photos, after the jump.

The EJF auction at Georgetown raises money for public interest fellowships. If you’d like to make a donation, see here.
The organizers of this year’s auction invited us to be one of the “prizes” up for bids. We’re pleased to report that the “ATL Happy Hour” went for a healthy price.
The theme of this year’s EJF live auction was “Fall Carnaval: Rio de Auct-Janiero.” As you can see from the photos — they’re thumbnail images, click to enlarge — it was a most festive occasion!
(We did have one random, awkward interaction. We were chatting with a group of students, and one of them, a female 2L, was being particularly saucy. We turned to classmate of hers and said, “Watch out for this one — she’s a firecracker!” We later learned that the person we uttered this remark to was her ex-boyfriend. Oops!)
Georgetown Law EJF 1 small.JPG
Georgetown Law EJF 2 small.JPG

(hidden for your protection)

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