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Regent Revisited: Tattooed Dude Suspended Pending Psychiatric Evaluation

Adam Key Adam M Key Regent Law School Above the Law blog.jpgLast week, we brought you the tale of Adam Key, a heavily tattooed 2L fighting the powers that be at Regent University School of Law.
Now, here’s an update, from the Virginian-Pilot:

A Regent University law student who posted an unflattering photo of Regent President Pat Robertson on his Facebook page has been indefinitely suspended pending a psychiatric evaluation.

Adam M. Key was told by a dean in an e-mail Friday that he was concerned about Key’s “emotional well-being” and that several students have recently expressed concern about Key’s “interpersonal behavior.”

The students “have reported, among other things, that you said that you brought a gun on campus, which is a violation of University policy,” said the e-mail, signed by L.O. Natt Gantt, the law school’s associate dean for student affairs.

But Key — who, by the way, appears to have commented on our last post — says this is a bunch of b.s. completely untrue:

Key said he has never brought a gun on campus or told fellow students that he had. “I’ve never owned or carried a gun,” he said….

“This is an effort to discredit me by drawing attention draw away from” the free-speech issue, Key said Friday. “It’s insulting to imply that someone who has different opinions from the university is emotionally unstable.”

A little bit more, after the jump.

Adam Key 2 Adam M Key Regent Law School Above the Law blog.jpgJudging from some of the comments to our last post, it appears that some of you mistook our lighthearted snark for a harsh attack on Adam Key. We were really just making the same basic point as Professor Marc Randazza:

Regent is a private institution, and if it wants to say “you must respect Pat Robertson’s authoritah,” then by golly, it can do so. That doesn’t mean that I think it is a good idea….

[A] fan of free speech is not exactly a good fit for Regent University.

Even though we think we were misunderstood, we’d like to make amends. To Adam Key: We’d like to interview you, and let you tell your side of the story. If you’d be willing to participate, please email us — from your Regent account, preferably, so we can be sure that it’s not Pat Robertson (or Monica Goodling) posing as you. Thanks.
P.S. A Virginian-Pilot factoid: Judge J. Harvie Wilkinson — the esteemed Fourth Circuit judge, frequent Supreme Court short-listed, and feeder judge — served as the paper’s editorial page editor, from 1978 to 1981.
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