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Renaming Boalt Hall: Please Cast Your Vote

Boalt Hall UC Berkeley Law School Above the Law blog.jpgAs we mentioned last week, U.C. Berkeley’s Boalt Hall School of Law hired a brand consulting firm to come up with a new name for the school. The effort ended somewhat anticlimactically. Boalt paid $25,000 to Marshall Strategy Inc., which came up with this brilliant new moniker: “UC Berkeley School of Law.”
Oh well. But since we already took the time to read through hundreds of suggested new names for Boalt Hall, we’re going to conduct this reader poll anyway.
Cast your vote, after the jump.

What should be the new name for U.C. Berkeley’s Boalt Hall School of Law?
Che Guevara School of Law
Dolt Hall
Earl Warren School of Law
Edwin Meese School of Law
Fonda-Mao Law School
John Yoo Institute of Diplomacy and Torture
Lance Ito Academy of Television and Jurisprudence
Larry W. Sonsini School of Law
Marsha Berzon School of Law
People’s Republic of California Law Center
Sandy Cohen’s Gorgeous Eyebrows School of Law
Ted Olson School of Law
20% Asian School of Law
White Guys with Asian Girls School of Law
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FYI, the following are Boalt Hall alumni: Earl Warren (1914), Edwin Meese (1958), Lance Ito (1975), Larry Sonsini (1966), Marsha Berzon (1973), Sandy Cohen (fictional, on The OC), and Ted Olson (1965). John Yoo is a faculty member.
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