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What’s The Deal At Allen & Overy?

Allen.Overy.logo.gifAllen & Overy in the UK has over-produced a hiring video that uses real actors to portray A&O solicitors engaged in really interesting work for global clients.
Watch the video here at RollOnFriday, which offers this take on it:

Presumably the prosaic reality of 15 hour days drafting intercreditor deeds and dealing with IT problems would not make great TV. And my, what a lot of TV there is: it goes on for an age, and watching it is like wading through treacle as cast members mention “the deal” every five seconds.

The film laboriously tracks “the deal” in minutes, hours, and days, walking us through the boring lives of A&O partners, associates and trainees in the split-screen style of 24. The performance of the associates falls well short of the drama of Boston Legal. In the end, it would have been a more believable if the deal had collapsed in the last-minute negotiations, like in the real world, where heads would roll on Friday.
Anyone seen better–or worse–law firm recruitment videos?

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