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While Lat’s away, we all can play!

A few of the more-alert readers here have noticed there’s an unusual name in the byline, today.
Let me introduce myself. My nom de plume is Piercie Shafton, an evocative moniker for a guest-editor of Above the Law, I’m sure you’ll agree.
Don’t bother to Google me. I’m not that Piercie Shafton: “the meddling tool of wise plotters–a hair-brained trafficker in treason–a champion of the Pope, employed as a forlorn hope by those more politic heads, who have more will to work mischief, than valour to encounter danger.” But I imagine that, in another time and place, I may well have been a figment of the imagination of a lawyer who published controversial writings under an assumed name.
And so, I find myself at the keyboard, today, unexpectedly blogging away about stuff that is none of my damn business.
I feel this inordinate amount of social pressure to be a bastard.
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