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Hogan & Hartson to… Two Extra Days Off!

Hogan Hartson LLP Above the Law blog.JPGLate last month, we posted what appeared to be a White & Case memo, concerning requests for vacation during the Christmas week this year. There was some debate in the comments about the memo’s authenticity and/or how widely it was distributed (e.g., maybe it was just for the M&A group). But the gist of the memo, which shouldn’t be that shocking, is that everybody wants that week off — so if you were hoping to take vacation that week, you might want to rethink your plans.
Down in D.C., Hogan & Hartson apparently has a much more generous holiday policy. They just announced that, since Christmas and New Year’s Day fall on Tuesdays this year, the firm will be closed on both of the preceding Mondays: December 24 and December 31. The firm characterizes these office closings as “an expression of thanks for the dedication and hard work of our lawyers and staff this past year.”
But are associates happy about this news? In some quarters, it’s being viewed cynically:

We have been fighting with H&H regarding decent bonuses this year, especially given their usual disgraceful examples of bonuses. This seems to be their way of bonusing us (without actually paying). Give us more days off, so it is more difficult to make your minimum hours the next year. The partners are tight and don’t seem to want to pay any form of market or even reasonable bonuses despite unprecedented productivity and billing rates this last fiscal year.

For those of you who are curious, the Hogan & Hartson memo appears after the jump.
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November 9, 2007
TO: All Personnel – All U.S. Offices
FROM: The Executive Committee
RE: Christmas and New Years’ Closing
As you know, Christmas Day, December 25 and New Years’ Day, January 1 fall on Tuesdays this year. As an expression of thanks for the dedication and hard work of our lawyers and staff this past year, we have decided to extend the two holidays by closing on Monday, December 24 and Monday, December 31. A memo will be circulated in a few weeks regarding the limited services to be provided.
Thank you for your efforts and enjoy your long weekends!
[Ed. note: Long weekend? Are that many people really getting off for Veterans Day? No disrespect to veterans — just wondering.]

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