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UW Law: ‘Training Up Little Nazis’?

What’s going on with law schools these days? Strange and scary things are afoot. Last month, there was the Indiana University law student who shot up his casebooks. In September, St. John’s University Law School was placed under lockdown, after a gunman was spotted on campus. There was also the rumorunfounded, as it turned out — that Regent law student Adam Key brought a gun to school.
Now we learn this, from the Seattle Post-Intelligencer:

UW School of Law University of Washington School of Law Seattle Above the Law blog.jpgUniversity of Washington law students are on alert after graffiti appeared on campus last week that threatened their lives, but some are upset about how little information they’ve been given.

The threat, directed toward Law School students and the Law School, was found scrawled across the wall of a campus bathroom Oct. 30. UW officials declined to reveal the exact wording of the graffiti, but School of Law Dean Greg Hicks summarized the sentiment as being that the school is “training up little Nazis.”

Really? Isn’t that what Harvard Law School is for? Or maybe Regent?
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The article continues:

The UW Police Department isn’t saying where the graffiti was discovered or what it said because investigators haven’t questioned a suspect they have identified. But police acknowledge that the threat was specific to November and that firearms were mentioned.

The graffiti’s threat is compounded by a number of menacing phone calls made to the Law School recently, Hicks said.

On a message board, one commenter opined:

It must have been someone who failed Professor Goebbels midterm (they probably forgot to extract the fillings or inspect for tattoos).

On another note, I find it laughable that all they’ve done is restrict access to the law school. When I heard that, I was like, “Uh…wasn’t one of the most notorious serial killers in modern history a 2L at UW?”

So what’s up with law schools and law students these days? Is the stress of law school — and, of course, the possibility of having no job at the end of the ordeal — driving them crazy?
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Threats at UW Law School []

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