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Who Is This Barry Bonds You Speak Of?

Barry Bonds home run record baseball indicted Above the Law blog.jpgAs we’ve stated before, we are very ignorant about sports. We don’t know anyone more ignorant than we are. Whenever a professional athlete’s name is mentioned, our typical response is, “He plays what again?”
Fortunately, there are people around who do know about sports. Like Matt Brown, who has an excellent and edifying post about the Barry Bonds indictment over at Bugs & Cranks:

So, what’s up with these charges?

Barry Bonds is being indicted in federal court for lying to a grand jury. He has been formally charged with 4 counts of perjury, and one count of obstruction of justice.

Is that bad?

Depends on your point of view. Does Barry play for your favorite team?

He’s not on a team.

Then it’s unequivocally good. F*** Barry Bonds.

That’s just an excerpt; read the full thing here. And here’s a copy of the indictment (PDF), courtesy of the WSJ Law Blog.
Please feel free to discuss the Barry Bonds indictment in the comments. But we probably won’t read any of them, since we know jacks**t about football.
Barry Bonds indicted by grand jury [AP via Reno Gazette-Journal]
Bonds Charged With Perjury in Steroids Case [New York Times]
United v. Bonds: Indictment (PDF) [WSJ Law Blog]

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