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Associate Bonus Watch: Midsize / Regional Firms

associate bonus watch 2007 law firm Above the Law blog.jpgOur recent open thread about boutique law firms prompted another request for more beyond-Biglaw discussion:

Not really a tip, but how ’bout a thread on midsize firms — not quite big law, which has been going on for a while, and not quite boutique, which you just recently posted. I’m talking 75-200 attorney type firms that still pay $125K-$150K base in New York (don’t know much about other regions).

Our tipster provided a few examples of the firms in question, with starting salaries (note — we have not independently verified these numbers):

pryor cashman – 140k
anderson kill – 140k
herrick feinstein – 150k
otterbourg – 150k
olshan grundman – 150k
fox rothschild (philly-based) – 125k

If you have information to share on year-end bonuses (or compensation more generally) at midsize / regional law firms, please share in the comments. It would be optimal if you could identify the firm by name; but if you can’t, please provide as much information as possible. Thanks.
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