Associate Bonus Watch 2007

Associate Bonus Watch: Reading the Latham Tea Leaves

associate bonus watch 2007 law firm Above the Law blog.jpgExpect bonus news in a matter of hours from Latham & Watkins. An LW source writes:

Some are speculating Latham will try to cheap out on bonuses because [last night] we received an e-mail to all associates that there will be a meeting Monday to discuss bonuses. I don’t remember them doing this last year, and some people think they may issue low bonuses Friday, then do damage control Monday.

Of course it may also not mean anything too.

In other words, nobody knows anything. And we’ll know the real answer very soon anyway.
But if you can’t engage in time-wasting speculation on a blog, where can you do it? Read and parse the email for yourself, after the jump.

This particular memo was sent to Latham associates in Washington, DC. We’re not sure if similar emails went around at other LW offices.
From: [Associates Committee Member]
Sent: Thursday, January 24, 2008 7:18 PM
Subject: Informal Associates Lunch on Monday, January 28th at Noon
Given that bonuses are being announced tomorrow, we thought it may be helpful to have an “associates only” lunch on Monday, the 28th. [xxxx], [xxxx] and I will be there from noon to 1:00 and lunch will be served. We won’t have a formal presentation on bonuses and adjectives (that will come at the all associates lunch the first week of March), but will be there to answer any questions you all may have. Also, we encourage folks to send one of us an email beforehand if you have a question, but may not want to ask it in front of the whole group — others probably have the same question and we hope this can be a lively lunch. As always, feel free to come to anyone on the Associates Committee with individual questions as well. To answer the first question that comes to my mind — lunch will be make your own steak and chicken cobb salads. See you on Monday.
[Ed. note: Steak and chicken cobb salads, plus 18 weeks of parental leave? Life at Latham sounds sweet.]

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