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Featured Survey Results: And The Winners Are . . .

The time has come, and the crowning of ATL’s Lawyer of the Year and Second Favorite Blog After ATL, both of which are sponsored by ATL and Lateral Link, is at last upon us.
In all, a whopping 4,186 votes were cast, with 2,683 of you voting for Lawyer of the Year and 1,503 weighing in on which blog you like second-most after this one. Find out how it all turned out after the jump.


The blog challenge both started and finished as a triumph of Lats, with Peter Lattman’s Wall Street Journal Law Blog dominating the vote, followed by a number of loyal voters who responded that Above The Law was the one and only blog for them.
The Volokh Conspiracy was a commanding #3, with more votes than Patently-O and SCOTUSblog combined. Perhaps fittingly, the fate of SCOTUSblog was decided by a single vote (for Patently-O).
Similarly, How Appealing was just one vote ahead of TaxProf Blog, which, in turn, held on to its lead over taxgirl.
The anonymous bloggers of Skadden Insider narrowly defeated Anonymous Lawyer, and Althouse narrowly beat Instapundit, who narrowly beat Nuts & Boalts.
Ms. JD overtook Overlawyered, and Prawfsblawg overcame Balkinization, Quizlaw and Concurring Opinions. Blonde Justice and Likelihood of Confusion were locked together in a tie, with Blawg Review, Lessig Blog, JD Bliss, and ProfessorBainbridge.com just below.
Arguably, the mighty Peter Lattman really won both polls, as not only did his Wall Street Journal blog decimate the competition, but his pick for Lawyer of the Year, Loyola 2L, bested Harvard Law’s Barack Obama by 140 votes. We congratulate Loyola 2L on this latest addition to his resume, and wish him success in his career. (We also wonder if the decline of Harvard’s Law Review contributed to Barack’s defeat.)
Meanwhile, even counting all the delegates from Michigan and Florida, Yale’s Hillary Clinton was far, far behind.

Also besting Hillary was whoever helps the woman who e-mailed Above The Law about her landlord dispute, in which a landlord has told a homebound woman in a wheelchair to get rid of a chipmunk ramp that has brought her joy for the last several years. About 450 of you voted to honor this attorney — and we’re happy to report that one of you has already stepped up to help.

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