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Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner?

New York Observer logo small Above the Law blog.jpgIn our column for this week’s New York Observer, we help you plan an imaginary dinner party. A dinner party, of course, is only as good as the guest list. So we review which colorful characters of the legal world, who made headlines in 2007, should be invited to your festivities.
Think of it as a “year in review” piece, aimed primarily at people who don’t read ATL (since most of the names mentioned in the article will be familiar to regular visitors to this site). The potential guests under consideration: Charlene Morisseau, the sassy ex-associate who sued DLA Piper; Aaron Charney, who made S&C “bend over”; and internet celebrity Loyola 2L.
ATL bonus content: Due to space considerations, our write-up of Elana Glatt (née Elana Elbogen) wound up on the cutting room floor. But if you’d like to read it, we’ve reprinted it after the jump.
Culture of Complaint Spreads Through Law Firms [New York Observer]

The squib below, about Elana Glatt, should be read together with this column (from which it was separated in the editing process; alas, when trees are being killed so that your words can be shared with the world, you have to make tough choices).
Claim to Fame: A litigation associate at Kelley Drye & Warren, Elana Glatt (née Elana Elbogen) put her courtroom skills to use on her own behalf, by filing a pro se lawsuit against her wedding florist. She claimed breach of contract and sought $400,000 in damages, alleging that the florist provided centerpiece hydrangeas that “were not the rust hydrangeas that the Defendants agreed to provide, but were rather light pink and light green hydrangeas.” Jezebel (the blog, not the Biblical queen) promptly dubbed her “Bridezilla, Esq.”
Pro: Perfectionists never show up to parties empty-handed. Expect Ms. Elbogen to arrive bearing gifts: a bottle of fine Bordeaux, perhaps some flowers.
Con: Don’t be surprised if this punctilious litigatrix scrutinizes, and second-guesses, every aspect of your hosting efforts. Think Bree Hodge (née Van de Kamp) of Desperate Housewives, with a law degree.
Verdict: Hung jury. What year is that wine from?
Culture of Complaint Spreads Through Law Firms [New York Observer]

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