Non-Sequiturs: 01.08.08

* Banishment? We didn’t know they still did that. But here’s a funny little twist: Can you banish someone from an entire state except for one county? [Fulton County Daily Report]
* Haven’t gotten a response to your FOIA request? Don’t take it personally. Even the kids of a deceased federal judge can’t get their request fully satisfied. [Daily Business Review]
* Blogger / criminal defense lawyer David O. Markus: “Allowing jurors to ask questions is like letting New Englanders call the plays for the Patriots. It sounds like fun, but it’s going to be a disaster.” [National Law Journal (subscription)]
* With whom would you rather dine: a Harvard Law grad or a Yale Law grad? [Huffington Post]
* Speaking of politics, our big sibling also dabbles in election-year commentary. [DealBreaker]

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