Non-Sequiturs: 01.28.08

* Where do broken hearts Lawyers for Fred go? Into the open arms of Mitt Romney, who just picked up an impressive group of conservative legal eagles. [Mitt Romney]
* We previously linked to transcripts of the Kumari Fulbright 911 tapes, but now you can listen to them yourself (click here, then scroll down to the italicized link). Says a tipster: “The screams must have been pretty loud if that many people could hear them from their homes and from the street.” [Arizona Daily Star]
* Sangria is illegal in Virginia, so restaurants there serve “a bowdlerized version of the drink.” Ted Frank wonders: “[W]hen is someone going to bring a consumer class action against the Spanish restaurants serving faux sangrias without warning customers?” [Overlawyered via WSJ Law Blog]
* Is IP law sexy? Not to this “curvy,” aspiring actress. [New York Post; Ropes & Gray]
* Speaking of sexy, do you have a crush on Hillary? This kid does. [YouTube via Blogonaut]
P.S. Some of these items are a little stale (from last week). As we just mentioned, we’re clearing a backlog of items we’ve been meaning to write about.
Update: In response to this comment — no, we’re not done for the day. More posts to come.

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