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A Random Friday Poll: Your Favorite Email Sign-Off?

email e-mail small message microsoft outlook Above the Law.JPGToday is Friday, and you know what that means at ATL: randomness and triviality! Not that this site doesn’t already wallow in randomness and triviality, of course. But on Fridays, we go the extra mile.

In a prior random Friday poll, we asked for your views on “pleaded” versus “pled” (and “pled” won; results here). Today we also have a question about writing and style. From a tipster:

Suggestion for slow news period. I have always been amazed (and annoyed) at the salutations and endings used in business emails from attorneys. The ubiquitous “Best regards” seems to be the party favorite. But I’ve seen many other options.

The tipster then provided a laundry list of email endings, which we’ve turned into a poll. Check it out, after the jump.

We realize, of course, that how you conclude correspondence will vary greatly from case to case, depending upon the subject of the correspondence, the people you’re corresponding with (colleagues vs. clients), etc. Just give us your answer for the “average” or “typical” case. For purposes of this poll, we’re talking about work-related, professional correspondence — e.g., an email exchange between you and your colleagues, or you and a client — as opposed to purely personal correspondence.

Update: A few minutes after the poll first went up, we received a number of good suggestions in the comments. So we tweaked the poll — which cleared the prior results. If you voted previously, please feel free to vote again. Thanks.

Further Update: Please note that the poll is externally hosted, by Pollhost. If you have mechanical or technological issues with the poll, please contact Pollhost directly.

(We usually use Vizu for our polls. But Vizu allows you to have no more than 10 answers to a poll question, and we went well over 10 for this one.)

What is your preferred sign-off for workplace email correspondence?
No sign-off (or just my name or signature file)
‘Best regards,’
‘Very best regards,’
‘Kind regards,’
‘Much thanks,’
‘Best wishes,’
‘Sincerely yours,’
‘Yours sincerely,’
‘Yours truly,’
‘Very truly yours,’
Other (mention in the comments)

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