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Associate Bonus Watch: Jones Day?

associate bonus watch 2007 law firm Above the Law blog.jpgA number of you have requested, in comments and via email, a post to talk about compensation issues at Jones Day. So here you go.
We’ll kick off the discussion with this message we received:

I have recently noticed a number of postings relating to Jones Day D.C.’s lack of a bonus and non-competitive / non-transparent salary scale. For what it’s worth, a friend of mine left Jones Day as a third year associate. Compensation as a third year: $175k. My friend knew of others that were in the third year class making $175k; however, my friend knew of a few other associates making $170k, and even one third year associate that was making $160k. This was AFTER Jones Day D.C. made the move to $160k.

Talk about compression, $5k between a first year and third year. Maybe some of these Jones Day posters do have something to gripe about?

We don’t really know, due to Jones Day’s overall lack of transparency when it comes to associate compensation (beyond the first year). But let’s try and find out what the deal is. If you have associate compensation information about Jones Day, including but not limited to the Washington D.C. office, please share what you know in the comments, or email us. Thanks.

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