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Larry Lessig: Not the Next Obama

Draft Lessig 2 Change Congress Professor Lawrence Lessig Larry Lessig Above the Law blog.jpgA brief update on an earlier story. Last week, we mentioned that celebrity cyberlaw prof Larry Lessig, of Stanford Law School, was contemplating a congressional bid. His prospective campaign would be centered on the theme du jour of Change (in this case, of Congress).
Many ATL commenters didn’t think highly of the idea:

“He has NO chance against Jackie Speier.”

“He can’t exactly self-fund, and the primary is just over three months away. I like the fellow well enough, but this seems foolhardy.”

“Jackie Speier has this thing locked up. She has name recognition, prior elected experience, the endorsements of everyone who matters, party money, and a compelling story that involves getting shot several times by crazy people. Beat that.”

Professor Lessig apparently decided he couldn’t. For his official statement on why he decided not to run, see his website.
P.S. Are we sure Professor Lessig couldn’t have pulled this off? After all, he is a former Supreme Court clerk (Posner / Scalia). Those folks can do anything they set their formidable minds to!
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