Non-Sequiturs: 02.27.08

mold a beautiful mold abstract art Above the Law blog.jpg* A link in honor of everyone taking the bar exam today: the true story of someone who was told he failed the New York bar exam, in the wake of Laptopgate, but appealed the failure and prevailed. [New York Personal Injury Law Blog]
* A “do-it-yourself” approach to filing dates? Nice try. [Utah District Court Electronic Filing System Blog (wow — there truly are blogs about everything)]
* Whatever you do, stay out of that nasty basement. [Southern District of Florida Blog]
* Worst job ever? [QuizLaw]
* A neat little Democratic delegate calculator. It shows, for example, that even if Barack Obama wins all remaining contests with 60 percent of the vote, he would still need significant superdelegate support to win the nomination. [Slate]

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