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The Changing of the Guard at the WSJ Law Blog

WSJ Law Blog Peter Lattman Dan Slater Above the Law blog.jpgIt looks like we have someone new to compete with the next time a Biglaw associate sues her wedding florist — or someone new to shamelessly lift stories from, when we lose the race to the keyboard.
The Wall Street Journal’s longtime legal blogger, the super-talented Peter Lattman, is abandoning the legal blogosphere, where his presence will be sorely missed. He’s moving over to the print side, to cover the world of private equity for the newspaper (which, it should be noted, he wrote for frequently during his time as a blogger). Lattman’s shoes will be filled by Dan Slater, another lawyer turned journalist, who will introduce himself to the readership tomorrow.
Congratulations to Messrs. Lattman and Slater on their new gigs!
Breaking News: The Law Blog Passes the Torch [WSJ Law Blog]

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