Non-Sequiturs: 03.18.08

* Why is prostitution illegal, but pornography is not? [Andrew Sullivan via The Legal Satyricon]
* Dueling applications to register “Client 9″ with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Maybe Eliot Spitzer should object? [USPTO; USPTO]
* Speaking of trademark fights, who should have the rights to use “COCKAHOLIC”? (An aside from Prof. Marc Randazza: “I’m surprised this wasn’t simply rejected as allegedly ‘immoral and scandalous.’”) [The Legal Satyricon]
* Remember Leona Helmsley’s “rich bitch,” who inherited $12 million from the late real estate queen? Here’s more information about estate planning for pets, from lawyer and pet lover Rachel Hirschfeld (via Prof. Paul Caron). [TaxProf Blog]
* On the subject of New York real estate riches: Columbia law prof Hans Smit has apparently lowered the asking price on his Manhattan mansion to $25 million. A reader who caught the HGTV segment said: “The actual tour of the house with the good professor leading the way was pretty neat…. Check your schedule for HGTV.” [HGTV]

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