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What’s Going on at Edwards Angell Palmer & Dodge?

Edwards Angell Palmer Dodge Above the Law Legal Blog.JPGAs we previously mentioned, former AutoAdmit.com executive Anthony Ciolli has sued a number of individuals involved in the AutoAdmit lawsuit (originally Doe v. Ciolli). In his complaint (PDF), he claims that the defendants caused him to lose his job offer at Edwards Angell Palmer & Dodge in Boston.
But maybe Ciolli should be thankful he’s not at Edwards Angell right now. We hear the environment over there is less than peachy, characterized by tension and anxiety similar to what preceded the associate layoffs at Cadwalader and Dechert. From one source:

You may want to keep an eye on EAP&D today. There are rumors of a departure of one of the firm’s high-powered partners yesterday and that some associates may be axed.

And from a second:

Layoff rumors have been circulating for a week now. Word on the street is they’re going to let go several (dozen) associates later this week. Management has not addressed the rumors, but both partners and associates hear it is indeed going to happen.

If Edwards Angell axes associates, expect it to come tomorrow. It’s always best to break bad news on a Friday afternoon (which is when word of the Dechert layoffs got out).
If you have inside info, please email us. We have a call in to the firm; if and when they get back to us, we’ll let you know. Thanks.
Update: We hear, through the grapevine, that partners at EAPD have accused ATL “of being rife with inaccuracies.” We gave the firm the chance to comment on the rumors, but heard not a peep. We’re happy to correct any alleged inaccuracies if the firm ever provides us with information.

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