What’s Up With the Bar/Bri Litigation?

BarBri 2 bar bri bar exam review course prep course Above the Law Above the Law ATL.jpgSeveral readers have written in to inquire about the status of the BAR/BRI class action litigation. Here’s the latest update on the lawsuit website:

Over 85,000 Claim Forms representing claims for over 120,000 BAR/BRI courses have been received and processed by the Claims Administrator. However, several objectors appealed from the Court’s Order granting final approval of the Settlement. A total of seven Notices of Appeal of the Settlement were filed….


On January 25, 2008 Class Counsel met with attorneys for the objector-appellants and defendants’ counsel under the auspicies of the Ninth Circuit Mediation Program. After a full day of mediation, the parties could not reach a resolution that would allow for a dismissal of the appeals and distribution of the Settlement Fund. Further updates will be posted on this website.

So don’t hold your breath waiting for that check. But for some class members, you may have another source of relief.
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From a tipster:

I wanted to call your attention to another possible Bar/Bri settlement. I’ve searched your archives and didn’t find anything mentioning it. I received a Claim Form as a member of the Class for a lawsuit entitled Park v. Thomson Corp.

I already submitted my Bar/Bri claim form for the $125 last summer, so I read through this latest mailing to find out if it was a duplicate. It seems that it is a different action, but the settlement is estimated at a paltry $30 – $40 per class member.

I don’t have time to figure out if this is a scam or just another opportunity get more money back from Bar/Bri. Have you heard of this? If this is legit, I’m sure your other readers would like to know.

It looks legitimate, although we’re not sure how it relates to the first Bar/Bri case, Rodriguez v. West Publishing Corp. (and we are too lazy busy to conduct further research, since we have many other topics to cover today). More information about the Park lawsuit is available here.
The allegations in Park and Rodriguez are similar, but the plaintiff classes are defined differently. The FAQs for the Park case include these exchanges:

20. If I filed a Claim Form in the Rodriguez BAR/BRI Class Action and I believe I am a class member in this Settlement, am I required to file a Claim Form in this Settlement?

Yes, you must file a Claim Form to remain a member of this Park BAR/BRI Settlement.

21. I filed a Claim Form in the Rodriguez BAR/BRI Class Action. What is the status of my Claim?

Distribution is anticipated to occur during the second quarter of 2008, pending the resolution of all appeals.

The final settlement hearing in Park is scheduled for tomorrow at 11 AM, so presumably we’ll know more after that time. If you’d like to discuss the Bar/Bri litigation, please feel free to do so in the comments. Thanks.
Park BAR/BRI Settlement [official website]
BAR/BRI Class Action Litigation [official website]

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