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Latham & Watkins to Free Stress Tests?

Latham Watkins Church of Scientology Scientologist Above the Law blog.jpgA quick follow-up to Friday’s post about Latham & Watkins possibly representing the Church of Scientology. The post was updated multiple times, and there were also lots of comments on it. Depending upon when you stopped reading, you may have come away with an erroneous impression.
At one point, we — and some commenters — expressed doubt that LW represents the Scientologists. But for the record, it now appears that Latham really IS representing the Church.
See this post from Radar Online, which has more details, and collects several legal letters sent out on behalf of the Church (thumbnails; click to enlarge) According to Radar, “[a]t least one Latham & Watkins letter was signed by David J. Schindler, the former Assistant U.S. Attorney who prosecuted the criminally mischievous nerd any self-respecting hacker wannabe worships, Kevin Mitnick.”
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We’ve submitted multiple media inquiries to the firm’s crack PR team, which usually responds with lightning speed. We haven’t heard back at all (even though some of those requests were sent last week). Since this isn’t a criminal proceeding, we’ll draw an adverse inference from their silence, and cite this as evidence that the firm does represent the Church of Scientology.
And in the end, of course, there’s nothing wrong with that (even if it might strike some as a little weird). If you were an entity as rich and powerful as the Church of Scientology, wouldn’t YOU want to be represented by as rich and powerful a law firm as Latham & Watkins?
P.S. And when it comes to the legal realm, the Church and its followers play hardball. They don’t look kindly upon negative mentions of the Church. See, e.g., here (demanding that US Weekly fire a writer who made a Scientology joke).
P.P.S. Please note that the instant post says nothing negative about the Church of Scientology. To the contrary, we praise the Church for its wealth, influence, and celebrity adherents. So please do not send us threatening letters on Latham stationery. Thank you.
Update: HAIL XENU!!!
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