Morning Docket

Morning Docket: 04.03.08

ATA Airlines ATA Airways bankrupt bankruptcy Above the Law blog.jpg* States, cities, environmental groups sue EPA in D.C. Circuit, seeking rules on vehicle emissions. [New York Times]
* Defense lawyers and civil libertarians not cool with “surreptitious sampling” of DNA — e.g., collecting DNA from saliva on discarded cigarettes. (Strikes us as an uphill battle, at least under existing Fourth Amendment law.) [New York Times)]
* DOJ: not cool with girl-on-girl action? Career lawyer at Justice Department may have lost her job due to rumors of lesbianism. [NPR (also noted yesterday in Non-Sequiturs]
* Fifth Circuit oral argument in Jeff Skilling case = snooze-fest. [WSJ Law Blog]
* ATA Airlines files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection (again). If you have a ticket for an ATA flight, good luck with that. [AP]
* Elsewhere in airline trouble, FAA inspectors claim Southwest Airlines tried to conceal safety problems. [CNN]

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