April 2008

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    Kirkland & Ellis Restructuring Lawyers: Dressing for Success?

    Earlier in the week, this email went out to all the lawyers in the Restructuring Group at Kirkland & Ellis, from the head of the group: 04/01/2008 10:58 AMTo: #FW Restructuring AttorneysSubject: Upcoming Dress Code Program As part of our KIRT [Kirkland Institute of Restructuring Training] programs, I am pleased to announce a “dress for […]

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  • Paralegals

    Follow-up: ATL Horror Stories

    On Wednesday, we reported on a D.C. paralegal/legal assistant/assistant seeking advice at Slate.com. We were disappointed in the letter writer’s horror story, and solicited readers for better stories. Here’s the cream of the crop: How about working 1.5 years with a Federal judge who hasn’t bothered to learn my name? Short, sweet, and to the […]

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  • Job of the Week

    Job of the Week

    The latest Job of the Week, brought to you by Lateral Link, is a unique opportunity for a senior attorney looking to become General Counsel of one of the most prominent public institutions in the country. This position is one of Lateral Link’s exclusive positions. You can get more information over at Lateral Link. Position: […]

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  • Biglaw, Dewey & LeBoeuf, Layoffs

    Dewey Stay or Dewey Go? D&L Decamps from Hartford, Austin, Jacksonville

    The rumors that we alluded to earlier are true: Dewey & LeBoeuf is shuttering three offices. Here is the firm’s official statement on the office closings: As part of its global strategy to expand the firm’s resources in major capital markets throughout the world, Dewey & LeBoeuf will be closing its offices in Jacksonville, FL, […]

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    ATL March April Madness for Law Firms, Round 3: Upsets Galore Heading Into the Final Four

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    What’s Going On at Thacher Proffitt & Wood?

    That’s what many of you have been wondering, in emails to us and in comments. We’ve investigated the situation at Thacher Proffitt & Wood, and we now bring you this detailed report. We’ll start off with the big rumors: 1. Thacher Proffitt laid off additional associates earlier this week. The firm’s response: “As always, we […]

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  • Gay, Judge of the Day, Lesbians, State Judges, State Judges Are Clowns

    Judge of the Day: Jay Spechler

    The fabulous Monica Goodling — if you’re on Facebook, join her fan club — isn’t the only person being accused of anti-lesbian bias these days. From the Daily Business Review (via JAABlog):

    / Apr 4, 2008 at 10:50 AM
  • Morning Docket

    Morning Docket: 04.04.08

    * You’ve come a long way, baby — but you’re not getting past the Second Circuit. Appeals court tosses $800 billion class-action lawsuit over light cigarettes. [New York Times] * The economy is in the toilet. Does that still count as news? [AP] * West Virginia Supreme Court, after shedding some members via recusals, rules […]

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  • Dewey & LeBoeuf

    Dewey & LeBoeuf’s Post-Merger Bonus Policy

    The firm of Dewey & LeBoeuf — which, by the way, had a great 2007, with total firm revenue over $1 billion, and profits per partner of $1.57 million — just announced its new bonus policy. You can check out the full memo after the jump. The new policy reconciles differences between the pre-merger firms. […]

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  • Non-Sequiturs

    Non-Sequiturs 04.03.08

    *Naomi Campbell in trouble with the law… again. Campbell being arrested is barely novel news, but it gives us an excuse to post her photo. [Breitbart via Drudge] *Attorneys general react to financial crisis, telling failing businesses to be sure to shred personal documents on the way out. [Law.com] *The president of the California State […]

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    ATL Caption Contest Finalists: Mr. Easter Bunny and POTUS

    Some of you have wondered about the delay in choosing finalists for the ATL Caption Contest. We did not forget about it; we just wanted to save a little Easter for April, the proper month for the holiday. Easter in March is just plain wrong. As a refresher, this is the photo of President Bush […]

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  • Biglaw, Job Searches, Layoffs, Sonnenschein, Weirdness

    What’s Going On At Sonnenschein?

    Over at Greedy South, various rumors are circulating about Sonnenschein Nath & Rosenthal. One poster claimed that the firm rescinded offers of summer employment to several incoming summer associates in the Charlotte office. Later on in the thread, others chimed in to claim that the firm is rescinding offers to full-time associates who were set […]

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  • Bar Exams, Job Survey, Perks / Fringe Benefits

    Featured Job Survey: Bar Stipend Studies

    Over the past few months, we’ve devoted several of our ATL / Lateral Link survey posts to compensation issues like base salaries, bonus amounts, and clerkship bonuses. But we’ve received quite a few requests to do another survey or open thread on another compensation issue: starting bonuses and stipends. Associates at four New York firms […]

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  • Judge of the Day

    Judge of the Day: Steven Servaas

    Michigan brings us today’s Judge of the Day, and there’s a shout-out to the University of Michigan… sort of. Rockford District Judge Steven Servaas never grew out of the middle school humor stage. Apparently, he likes to doodle on court documents and make jokes about chest size: The State Judicial Tenure Commission is trying to […]

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    ATL March April Madness for Law Firms, Round 2: The Elitist Elite Eight

    Over on Slate.com’s advice column, a young, struggling paralegal is seeking advice. “Deterred in the District” is happy about the high-pay and “career prospects,” but whines about a difficult partner: The problem is that one of the partners I assist is particularly challenging. She’s intelligent and distinguished, but she is also a perfectionist. She’s an […]

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  • Morning Docket

    Morning Docket: 04.03.08

    * States, cities, environmental groups sue EPA in D.C. Circuit, seeking rules on vehicle emissions. [New York Times] * Defense lawyers and civil libertarians not cool with “surreptitious sampling” of DNA — e.g., collecting DNA from saliva on discarded cigarettes. (Strikes us as an uphill battle, at least under existing Fourth Amendment law.) [New York […]

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  • Borat

    ‘Lexytime': Borat Lawsuit Dismissed

    Last year we provided extensive coverage of litigation arising out of Borat, Sasha Baron Cohen’s raunchy hit film. Things have been generally quiet on that front, but now we have some news. Sewell Chan reports over at the City Room: Was Sacha Baron Cohen’s 2006 film “Borat” a pure slapstick comedy? Does it have a […]

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