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Bar Exam Open Thread: It’s Over!!!

BarBri bar bri bar exam review course prep course Above the Law Above the Law ATL.jpgTo everyone who is done with the bar exam: CONGRATULATIONS!!!
Go get yourself a well-deserved drink — or two, or three.
That’s what we’re going to do, and we didn’t even take the bar. We’re heading off now for drinks with some friends who just took — and, hopefully, passed — the bar.
Here’s an open thread to look back upon the bar exam experience. In the comments, feel free to share funny anecdotes, horror stories, and other personal perspectives on the test.
You should probably avoid mentioning the substance of specific questions and answers from the MBE, which could get you in hot water. See here (via a commenter).
P.S. Speaking of anonymous posters on the internet getting unmasked through legal process, here’s an update on the AutoAdmit lawsuit.
EarthLink Subpoenaed for Customer Records When Anonymous Web Posting Reveals Bar Questions [Fulton County Daily Report]
Yale Students’ Lawsuit Unmasks Anonymous Trolls, Opens Pandora’s Box [Wired]

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