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Breaking: Earthquake Hits California on Day 1 of the Bar Exam!

earthquake California bar exam.jpgBecause the bar exam isn’t scary enough without the occasional act of God. This just in, from tipsters:

“Earthquake just hit LA and the epicenter was just next to Ontario, CA, where the CA bar exam is being administered!”

“I hope you are going to open a thread about those poor people taking the CA bar exam when the earthquake hit today. I’m curious to know how things were handled and if there were proctor freak outs!”

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Additional accounts:

“Earthquake in LA on day 1 of the CA Bar! USGS maps show that it was somewhat close to Ontario, though many people taking in Century City area as well. Only a 5.8 which isn’t too bad – but did feel it all the way in North County, San Diego. Hopefully nobody ran out of the exam/building – wouldn’t want a repeat of the 90s.”

“5.8 quake during end of first session of ca bar. In the century city hotel, chandeliers swaying. Yikes! It’s always something fun.”

Developing…. More to come. If you have into to contribute, please do so in the comments.
Update: More from an affected individual:

When the chandeliers began shaking, some test takers squealed / screamed. The announcer told everyone to remain calm and stay seated. Some people kept typing. I was rebooting to leave anyway. Proctor then shouted: “Don’t worry, this happens in California. If you’re not from here: welcome. And there will be aftershocks.”

Further Update: For the record, and as noted in the comments below, the earthquake was subsequently downgraded to a 5.4.

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