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How Not To Spend the Week Before the Bar Exam?

nick thompson.jpgUltimate fighting isn’t exactly a sport that’s on our radar. Also known as mixed martial arts, it involves a cage and a lot of grappling, kicking, and punching. Apparently, it has a rapidly growing fan base; a recent Rolling Stone article called it “the next Nascar” and “boxing’s replacement.”
Last year, the Minnesota City Pages wrote a profile of mixed martial arts fighting champ and University of Minnesota law school student, Nick Thompson. A tipster sent us a link to one of Thompson’s recent bouts. Based on this Sports Illustrated article, it sounds like it was more of a rout than a bout:

If nothing else, Shields’ 63-second destruction of Nick Thompson, a quality welterweight with 12 consecutive wins under his belt coming into Saturday, should give Shields enough gravitas that he’s brought into the discussion of top 170-pound fighters in the game…
Included in the 29-year-old San Franciscan’s tally is Saturday’s domination of Thompson (36-10-1), which saw Shields land an early takedown, move to mount and lock in a one-armed guillotine from the top…
“I think I’m one of the best in the world, and Jake treated me like a little kid out there,” said Thompson, a law school graduate who faces the bar exam next week. “That’s the best mount I’ve ever felt.”

Even though Thompson lost, we’re still impressed that he’s fighting in cage matches the week before the bar exam — guess he’s not very anxious about the test. On the other hand, who wouldn’t take a break from studying for “the best mount” ever?
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