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ATL Idol: Time to Vote! (Final Round)

ATL Idol Above the Law Idol AboveTheLaw Idol smaller.jpgThe three weeks of guest blogging by the talented contestants of ATL Idol have all come down to this: a final showdown between SOPHIST and FROLIC AND DETOUR. The winner will become the next editor of Above the Law.
In case you’re curious, the ATL Idol contest has been awesome for ATL. July, the month in which it launched, was our best ever (in terms of traffic and revenue). And if the second half of this month is as strong as the first, August will surpass it. A few commenters haven’t been fans of the competition. But by all the standard metrics, it has been a smashing success — thanks to our contestants, our guest judges, and you, our readers.
Before we open the polls, a methodological note. Like the Supreme Court in Reynolds v. Sims, we believe in the principle of “one person, one vote.” Please vote only once (and refrain from casting multiple votes using bots, scripts, and other things that aren’t human).
There have been allegations of multiple voting in prior rounds. Unlike the Supreme Court in Bush v. Gore, we’re not inclined to wade into electoral messes after the fact; what’s past is past.
But because the stakes are higher for this final round, we’re asking Vizu, host of the poll, to review the results for possible improprieties. We won’t announce the winner until after we receive the results of their analysis. Suspicious votes — including, but not limited to, hundreds of votes from the same IP address — will not be counted.
Enough lawyerly caveats; time to vote. Voting will end on MONDAY, AUGUST 18, at noon (Eastern time). GOOD LUCK!!!

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