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Judge of the Day: James Muir-Little

James Muir Little Joanne Hall Gavin Hall.jpgThe end of this tale is tragic and grim, but we’ll focus on the salacious over the sad. From the Telegraph:

James Muir-Little, 45, a deputy district judge, resigned his post before the outcome of disciplinary proceedings against him. He had cheated on his own wife with Joanne Hall, 31, a cardiac nurse, after meeting her through and internet website for swingers.

They exchanged naked pictures and sexual fantasies by email before twice meeting for sex at hotels. In one email Mrs Hall promised to be a “dirty little slut” for the judge.

Not to be confused with clean big sluts. Or Nazis German prison workers. They’re popular on the other side of the pond.
The tragic part is that when Joanne Hall’s husband, Gavin Hall, learned of her infidelity, he killed their three-year-old daughter in revenge.
But let’s not dwell on that. More details about the swinger judge, after the jump.

As it turns out, James Muir-Little is no stranger to marital troubles:

In court the married judge was referred to only as “James” but he was later named as Mr Muir-Little, one of the country’s top divorce solicitors.

Was the home-wrecking jurist hoping to gin up business by sleeping with Joanne Hall?

Twice married Mr Muir-Little, from Faversham, Kent, qualified as a deputy district judge, sitting in county courts on the south-east circuit, on the day after Millie’s murder.

To his colleagues he was a highly respected divorce lawyer but, away from his practice, he led a more sordid lifestyle trawling internet sex sites looking for women.

In graphic e-mails he used the alias David Newton Cummings. One of the less explicit ones read: “I have a very active imagination and I think about sex all the time.”

Even while on the bench? He might want to look into getting one of these. They’re easy to stash underneath a robe.
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