Morning Docket

Morning Docket 08.06.08

Prez candidates.jpg[Ed. note: Apologies for this late posting. We’ve been experiencing some technical difficulties this morning.]
* Texas executed a Mexican citizen yesterday after SCOTUS denied a last minute request for a reprieve. Neither the International Court of Justice nor the Bush administration is pleased. [New York Times]
* Ninth Circuit to review an e-mail hacking case that could redefine online privacy. [Washington Post]
* Reputed mobster John Gotti indicted … again. This time in Tampa. Maybe Florida prosecutors will fare better than New York ones have. [New York Times]
* Justice Department prepares to declare anthrax case closed. [New York Times]
* Biggest identity theft ring ever exposed. Federal prosecutors charge 11 people from five different countries with stealing 41 million credit card numbers. [International Herald Tribune]
* California man convicted of murdering his lawyer when case went badly. [San Jose Mercury News]
* Not really law-related, but definitely amusing. Paris Hilton responds to McCain’s ad: Paris for President? [Funny or Die]

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