Morning Docket

Morning Docket: 08.12.08

Carolyn Lamm White Case ABA president.jpg* The new president-elect of the American Bar Association is Carolyn Lamm, of White & Case. [BLT]
* Another example of U.S. exceptionalism: expert witnesses. [The New York Times]
* Endangered Species Act may lose some teeth. [Washington Post]
* Name-brand retailers don’t like the sale of fake goods on eBay. Tiffany is filing an appeal in its case against the online retailer. [BBC News]
* Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick can’t seem to stay out of trouble. Judge will decide whether he committed another bond violation… by visiting his sister. [New York Times]
* More on Texas lawyer Fred Baron’s role in the Edwards sex scandal. [American Lawyer]
* Donald Trumps sues Morrison Cohen for five million dollars. The law firm says he’s just trying to get out of paying his overdue bill. [Contact Music]

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